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Development Folder
Development Folder
This shows a very long animation of some incoming storm activity approaching.
Also shown is the zooming and recentering abilities. Note that thru WXML definition, higher zoom values show more details, like roads and rivers.
Animation : Large
This capture shows a shorter radar loop while zooming in and out.
This shows the detail levels defined for different zoom levels as well as the ability to zoom out to view the entire county.
Everything is, of course, defined via WXML.
Animation : Zooming
This capture shows multiple radar sites.
As defined in the wXML file multi-wxml.xml, Zooming in shows more detail, such as along with county seats, cities, rivers and major highways.
Mosaic : Zoomed In
This capture shows multiple radar sites.
This capture shows multiple radar sites.
Zoomed out shows less detail as well as surrounding state borders.
Mosaic : Zoomed Out